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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great day to be alive

This a beautiful day in East Tennessee, since most of our Saturdays have been on the wet side. This is really nice, worked in the garden, B mowed the yard. Last evening we had a mess of new red pototoes out of the garden.

We have feral cat (He's yellow tiger striped) who comes to eat every morning and evening and if we are on the porch he comes to visit. Most nights he sleeps in one of the chairs. We have named him Dirty Paws, our white porch has become polka-dotted with kitty prints since last winter. Last summer we had a momma cat that had 4 kittens under one of the yard barns, our neighbor's dog chased a yellow kitten up one of our trees and of course crazy woman that I am. I chased the dog off with a few chosen words and a big stick. Much to our neighbor dismay. He's getting tamer by the day, maybe one of these days he will let me pet him. He has been a good chaser of rabbits and squirrels, out of the garden so you could say he is earning his food. Now if he could just take care of the bugs.. I will try to get a picture of him to post soon.

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