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Thursday, June 18, 2009

eating from the garden

As most of you know East Tn., was hammered with storms the last couple of days. Today it missed our section, Thank You God. We ended up at dark yesterday with a small lake in the front yard, our corn blown over and both ends of the garden flooded. Well today I went to pick our first mess of beans, discovered our potatoes were uncovered by the hard rain. The corn is still down, hopefully tomorrow we will get it back up. On the brighter side we had a great mess of green beans, new red potatoes, cucumbers and onions, the only thing that did not come out of our garden was tomatoes we had. Lots of beans yet to eat.

I am hoping the very bad storms are over for a while for everyone. Some people have had some bad damage in our area, down trees, lightning and high wind.

Tomorrow we will try to get the yard mowed.

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