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Saturday, January 30, 2010

New greeting card design Xmas

I used one of our oldest pine trees as the model for this design. It has about this much snow on it today. Winter is really just getting started. Oh Boy!

More snow Oh Mercy!

Snow and some ice is really playing havoc with our Pine trees, several big limbs have broke, now on the ground, one was in the street early this morning, one has been touching the ground all day but not yet broken, guess this Mother nature's way of trimming them. Here it is after 4:30 weather people said it would be out of here by 4: Still snowing! We really love our trees and hate to see their limbs broken.
Working on designs for greeting cards and napkins and wine gift bags, since we are only doing 2 shows a year I will sending my art to be licensed. I guess old age has finally caught up with me, I would rather stay home and work than be on the road. After 30 some years my knees are shot and my husband has had 2 hip replacements plus a hernia repair this December.
Have been decluttering my studio 3 big bags of clutter is gone and more has to go. My studio has been downstairs and upstairs. My graphic table is in our what use to be dinning room by the picture window and bird feeders. I love John Denver and Joanne Shenandoah cd's and listen to Knoxville WIVK a lot while I paint. I been thinking about moving into our spare bedroom but at least with it in the dinning room I can cook and paint too. I have a birthday coming up soon and my hubby asked me last evening what I wanted, hmmmm, maybe one of those new bamboo pen wacom tablet for my computer upstairs, I used the big wacom tablet on the computer where I do my printing. Need to do some reserch on the little guy. Anyone out that has one let me know if you like it. My snowwoman design is finished but may need a border around.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow again in East Tennesse

Well still snowing starting late this evening, I painting most of the afternoon working on new designs, will be painting more tomorrow since it is supposed to snow up until about 4: pm, Cooked a pot navy beans with country ham and will roast a turkey breast tomorrow, so I can paint while it cooks. I love a snowy day or two.
We have been adopted by the feral cats in the neighboor, probably because we feed them, we could not watch them starve, this is the second winter for most of them. One big old grey and white tom has claimed one of the porch chairs to sleep in, of course we gave him a blanket. This fella has the biggest green eyes. Its about my bedtime. More later.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lots of New designs using my pencil drawing of the 2 Cardinals

I have used this design on Tee-shirt,cards,binder,hat,stickers,key ring, etc. All with the word "Whatever" on it check out these cute designs.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Pencil designs on Zazzle

Four NEW pencil designs for stationary on my Zazzle store and more to come.
I have put a tiny bit of color in each of the pencil
Great Gift Idea.
Don't forget Valentine's Day,less than 1 month away.

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New designs on Zazzle

Both of these Cardinals designs are now available in a number of items on my Zazzle store, mugs,shirts long-sleeveed tee's,cards valentine's, stickers, shoes, hat, stationary, etc.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

NEW Valentine card on my Zazzle store

My New Valentine card design available on my Zazzle store. New long-sleeve tee,coffe mug and the cutest valentine shoes. Check it out for gift ideas. The items on my store are from my own art, many are available as prints.http://www.zazzle.com/glorykmurphy