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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday has been very quiet and peaceful, we have had the same yellow cat visiting us every so often, he's fat and frisky and plays like a young kitten so we kind of think he's one of the kittens a stray cat had under one of our yard barns last summer. He's a joy to watch and I'd love to make a pet out of him but who would feed him when we are at a show? I figured if he's meant to live here it will happens but for now we'll just enjoy watching him and talking to him.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring in Tennessee

Here we are with spring-like weather, Bill is mowing the grass along with a haft dozen other neighbors. Pear trees are blooming, red-buds are starting to peep out. What a great time of the year. Our Aspen trees we planted have leaves coming out Yeah.
Our next show is in Chantilly, hope its better for all of us than the last show. Not much to mutter about.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Working on getting the ACEO's packaged

Spent most of the day in Knoxville but one good thing I got to see a bald eagle up close and in fight. How pretty. I was setting in the truck on UT hospital parking lot waiting for my husband, when this great bird flew really close. All the photos or paintings in the world does not this bird justice as to see it in flight. We once had a Red-tailed hawk fly with our truck arms length, eye level beside the driver's window for about a mile, talk about a thrill for both of us.
I have worked most of the evening packaging my aceo's, at least I could watch the tely and do this. I am looking forward to getting on the road again, seeing old friends but most of all making some money.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Storms today

Today has been a mixed bag, rain, high wind. Thank Goodness it did not last very long. We are still trying to finished up framing for the show, boy are we out of practice.

Is the rest of the artist's on the show circuit getting just a little bit worried about how this season will be? We have been though some tough years on the circuit but this one with the high gas prices, hotel prices and food is really going to take a toll in every one's profit.
At the right is a sheet of Horse Head ACEO's New for this season and uncut sheet sells for $90.00 single images are $9.99 each. Back to the drawing board...