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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting Ready for the Gatlinburg show

I am busy trying to get everything together for the show in July at Gatlinburg, less than a month to have it all together, the older I get the slower I go. Its not like I have not had plenty of time, now its crunch time..
I could say I work better under pressure...

 New size bookmarks with new images, 4 seasons mini prints of the Great Smoky Mountains mat size 8 x 10,  new greeting cards, new post-cards. I have a lot of printing to get finished. Today I am painting and I do need to get back at it, my helpful elves are as old as I am. Its is hotter than the hinges of hell here today, so we will be trying to stay cool, I think the good lord is trying to tell us something. Anywho I'm hoping everyone is staying cool.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cactus sticker from Zazzle.com

Cactus sticker from Zazzle.com
These would look so good on your envelopes, add a little class to your mail.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mountains and Trees Necktie from Zazzle.com

Mountains and Trees Necktie from Zazzle.com
New Tie just in time for Father's Day

Day off in the park Bay's Mountain, Lunch with a squirrel and 2 deer

Well today my hubby said "let's take today off, it's rainy" Never let it be said that I let that pass. So I packed a couple of ham sandwiches, some water and chips and off to Kingsport's Bay's Mountain park. It was a little muggy, nice breeze, we found a picnic table and started on lunch, I looked up and here came a squirrel heading right at us, OK, I thought it's friendly, so it sat and putting its little paws on its tummy as to say I'm hungry too, did this twice as it move toward us, OK I am a pushover when it comes animals, I threw it a piece of bread, it ate its fill and left I looked up here was a small deer, of course I had to give it something too, My hubby is as big of a pushover as I am. In a few more minutes Bambie's mother was there too. Needless to say I was still hungry we  left the table. We had a nice walk in the park saw the wolves, deer. Seems like most of the animals were tucked in today. Nothing like a walk in nature to soothe your soul..If you are ever in Kingsport Tn take a short drive to Bays Mountain park, it is worth the 3.00 a car.  But Beware the squirrel tells the rest of the animals about your food. Happy Days.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010