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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day off in the park Bay's Mountain, Lunch with a squirrel and 2 deer

Well today my hubby said "let's take today off, it's rainy" Never let it be said that I let that pass. So I packed a couple of ham sandwiches, some water and chips and off to Kingsport's Bay's Mountain park. It was a little muggy, nice breeze, we found a picnic table and started on lunch, I looked up and here came a squirrel heading right at us, OK, I thought it's friendly, so it sat and putting its little paws on its tummy as to say I'm hungry too, did this twice as it move toward us, OK I am a pushover when it comes animals, I threw it a piece of bread, it ate its fill and left I looked up here was a small deer, of course I had to give it something too, My hubby is as big of a pushover as I am. In a few more minutes Bambie's mother was there too. Needless to say I was still hungry we  left the table. We had a nice walk in the park saw the wolves, deer. Seems like most of the animals were tucked in today. Nothing like a walk in nature to soothe your soul..If you are ever in Kingsport Tn take a short drive to Bays Mountain park, it is worth the 3.00 a car.  But Beware the squirrel tells the rest of the animals about your food. Happy Days.

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