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Monday, March 22, 2010

New design for Halloween

I have been working on Halloween designs, this is for a card. If you have someone whom you are not really crazy about or would like to get your licks while you can. The front tomestone reads
"Wish you were here"! Happy Booing! Of course I could leave the Happy Booing off...I will post other halloween design as I finish them. Started out in watercolor and finish with a Bamboo pen tablet. The snow did not amount to anything today, grateful for that.

Snow in East Tennessee

Well I just thought you would like to know what the birds in East Tennesse are doing today cause its SNOWING! They left their Christmas lights up and now  I know why...
This watercolor is available for licensing. After 60 some degree weather yesterday. At least it's not sticking to the ground. Thank Goodness for that.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Spring

Since Spring is almost here I thought I must put up some flowers
Happy Spring All.

You just can't trust the weather man

Don't think it make it to 64 today nice, little chilly, nicer than it has been but come on now snow on Sunday? Well we have tomorrow it is supposed to be a warm day, I have to go to the cargo trailer I have to dig out a framed print I have to pack and ship, glad it's going to be warm. Hubby ankle is getting better, he changed a tire on the mower, I don't miss cutting the grass one little bit... I finished 3 little 4 x 4 acrylic pantings on board. I need to get to work and doing some serious stuff it will will July before I know it....SPRING tomorrow, Hurray!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ending up having to order

Drafting Flim Hobby lobby does not carry this, I did get a good deal on some w-color brushes. I ordered some flim from Dick Blick when you can't find it anywhere else they always have what you are looking for..I will try some of the Yupo paper too. Nice day about 64, tomorrow will be nicer...maybe I can clean out the car, it looks like a pine forest exploded on the floor mats, too many pine trees in our yard, nay never too many trees.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally a Nice day

Tomorrow is going to be warm and cloudy but no rain. Since hubby ankle is feeling some better, think I'll get out of the house for a while, trip to Hobby Lobby for some watercolor pencils and look at brushes and see if they have drafting flim. Take peak at Pier One, they always have new things, teaks my artist's soul and makes me think of things I need to paint.

Hope everyone is going to have a nice day....

Friday, March 12, 2010

More rain today Thunderstorms

Well, I think the snow is gone but the rain has moved in, OK I guess the spirits are telling me I need to paint, I would like to renew my engery by getting out side and enjoying some sunshine. I have been working on Halloween designs for cards, Spooky!
 Just sent my contracts back for both of the Gatlinburg shows. I have really enjoyed having time off this winter, especially since I don't think the public is buying art. Hopefully this will change soon and we can get on with our lives.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Great dinner Wanchai Ferry sweet and sour chicken

I don't usually say anything about products unless they are really great, I just have to tell everyone to try Wanchai Ferry dinner if you like chinese food, easy to fix and yummie to eat better than most chinese resurants I have eaten in.We had the sweet and sour chicken, 20-30 minute cook time, rice cooks very quick, so be careful, just add chicken. You can find coupons on line for the frozen dinners, I  have not tried them yet...next trip to the store, wonder if Sam's carries them?  Wal-Mart has the dinner kit and frozen dinner, frozen meal is complete. Less than $4.00 for the dinner kit and I had 1.00 coupons. I had to buy some chicken too. Guess what we are having for supper?