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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beans Ky Wonder is now blooming

Childern's books order both for $20.00 each book.
Shipping free In the United States.

It's beautiful morning in East Tennessee, Bill and I drank our cup of coffee on the porch by the garden, the cucumber's have fallen over and are blooming, the beans are doing their thing, peas are in the pods, will not be long, I opened one pod not mature yet.

Have not painted in last couple of days, been cleaning up an old cargo trailer we used for hauling art to the shows, we are still trying to unclutter. Will sell it. Would like to get rid of things we don't need or use any longer. This is not the trailer we use now.

Tomorrow is June 1st, where does the time go?

I still have some of my children's books for sale, written and illustrator by me and published in the USA. No need to worry about bad inks.

Don't forget I am only doing 2 art shows this year, come to Gatlinburg for a long week-end in July, the show starts July 17th at the convention center in downtown.
New Originals in acrylics, oil, some big, lots of small most all on Gallery wrapped Canvas.

Click on the link to the Galtinburg show for information. http://www.craftsmensfair.com/

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The 2nd Wise Woman card

The 2nd Wise Woman card is ready, the front text reads "Girl Friend! This is your year to Dance, Fly with the Stars." Blank inside, so you may add your special message. Cards are $4.50 each shipped free. 5 x 7 size. You may order cards or catch me at a art show. Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair July 17th-July 26th. Check their website, take a mini vacation or a week-end come to the Best Show in Tennessee.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eagle sighting

I wish I would have had my camera, famous last words. Bill and I decided to wash our old van this morning I happen to be taking a break looked up and there was a huge bird off in the distance, at first I thought it was a Great Blue, it came closer and boy, did I get excited when I saw the white head, I stared to yell at Bill there's a Eagle, look, look. We watched until he flew off, we only live a couple miles from Cherokee Lake, guess he was just looking the area over.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wise Women Cards

Here is the first of my Wise Women greeting card series
On the front text
"Happy day to a Wise Woman
Oh Yeah, There's Some Snow On The Roof"
Inside is blank so you may finish with your message.
I think the next image will be
Dancing with the Stars.
This image is done with watercolor pencils. I really think you can get a lot more detail.

Wonderful week-end to paint Rain

I finished a new image for new line of cards, have not come up with a name for them yet, kind of thinking about Wise Women since they are designed for the older ladies. I am trying to get 6 images finished for the July show.

I will post the image soon as I get it scanned.

Our garden is doing great, spinach for supper this evening, found a tiny tomato on one the plants.

Our beans are reaching for the sky, need taller stakes...Ky wonders.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Chickadees card

Chickadees! Everybody loves these little guys.
I had finished this watercolor on handmade paper
a few weeks ago, with the idea I would do a Giclee
print and a greeting card.
Finally today is the day I got to it.
Available in a paper print and the
greeting card you see here.
The bad weather is making me look for something to do,
so this is a good thing!

New angle on the card image

New twist on an old idea, I have always painted outside the box, extending my painting on to my matting for years, trying it on my card designs. I have printed a female cardinal card also. I am pleased with both, I hope buyers will like them too. Cards are now available $4.50 each Free Shipping. These are great framable cards.Remember click on the image for a larger view.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Garden

Two years ago, Bill and I filled up our in-ground pool and planted a late garden, this year we got our plants and seeds in early, we have had radishes and last evening we had lettuce (Out Of The Garden) with a hot bacon dressing. YUMMY! It has rained so much in the last weeks, it is hard to take care of it (WEEDS) but it is growing so well, potatoes are starting to bloom and the beans have runners and need to be staked. The radish below is 2 1/4 inch long.

It cost a bundle to have the pool filled with dirt, well worth it. We are both at the age of I don't like to clean the pool anymore....

Oh yes it stormed this morning! One of us is going to have to get muddy...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New card images ready

I have spent the last few days working on and printing New card images. See samples. Remember you may click on these for a larger view. All cards are $4.50 each. Free shipping.