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Thursday, April 17, 2008

New oil

Finally got a start on a new oil, 20 x 20 sides painted, no frame needed. Lord I love these canvas. Titled "Otter Woman", painted in mostly shades of brown and beige except for the red feathers in her hair, couple more days of work on this one. Back in the southwest images, they never stray far away, an image will start to nag at me, I end painting it in my mind before I ever get it on paper or canvas. I will post an image when it is finished.
Weather is wonderful, flowers are popping up all over, got some Fairy Lillies I ordered today, so planting tomorrow. Gurney's has shipped my trees we ordered too, they should be here about Monday, 2 more Quaking Aspen and a Red Oak.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finally I get to paint again

While Bill works on the taxes I hide at my drafting board and paint between the "What's This and Where's This"
Working on smaller images some 2 x 2's. I did finished a 5 x 5 watercolor of a Native American lady. I love and read all I can on shamanism and magic, my world would be very dull if I thought magic did not exist, so I keep my eyes open and my heart and hope I get a small peek into this other world. I hope the mystical element shows in my work, people seems to really like the magic it brings to their lives.
I have a native gal nagging me to paint her, they walk around in my mind until get them on canvas or paper, as soon as the taxes are finished I will start to work on her, she is calling for a big oil, so I am looking forward to painting her. Check out my website http://www.kaymurphysstudio.com/

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Chantilly show

We have just returned home from our show in Chantilly at the Expo Center, I will be so very glad when the 2008 show season is over, buying customers are few, more buy-sell retail people invading the last of the real art/craft shows. I see more of the old-timers retiring from the circuit. Bill and I love what we do for a living and I really hate to see a way of life that we have done for almost 30 years go down the drain because people can no longer afford to pay for a home, put gas in a car and buy nice paintings and crafts to decorte their home. I wish we could get rid of the greed in this world we live in.