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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair Set-up

Thank goodness with the help of our great neighbor Becky we got there early and the unloading was really great with the help of great porters at the show. Our new booth is really close to the tunnel and was a breeze to unload all the booth stuff there quickly, so B could take the truck and trailer to the parking lot. We are almost finished with set-up, last minute things to do on Friday morning, which means about 2 hours. When you do a Gatlinburg show you go to work early (especially if you drive back and forth from home every day) Tourists town!

I will take a photo of my booth and try to get it posted this week. I had ordered new card racks one is horizontal and the other vertical, they hang on my Pro-panels easily. I will still use the table spinner for my boxed cards.

This is our 1st show since last November, so B and I have some sore muscles and joints. We found out 2 weeks ago B has a hernia, so goes old age. I am trying to make him take care but you gals know how men are....no more said. Wish us luck and blessings with the show.

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Fuzzy Brush said...

Hi Kay, I just realized that you followed my "last show" blog. For some reason that piece got separated from the rest of my blog and I hardly get to look at it anymore. As you can surmise, I have just finished a long career doing just what you are writing about...Sadly, I had no "B" to help me but am reading with great interest about your shows and maybe can live vicariously through you. I don't know who I am now that I'm not an artist on the road! I guess there's a certain withdrawal involved! Well I'm really glad I found your site and will now follow you!