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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finally I get to paint again

While Bill works on the taxes I hide at my drafting board and paint between the "What's This and Where's This"
Working on smaller images some 2 x 2's. I did finished a 5 x 5 watercolor of a Native American lady. I love and read all I can on shamanism and magic, my world would be very dull if I thought magic did not exist, so I keep my eyes open and my heart and hope I get a small peek into this other world. I hope the mystical element shows in my work, people seems to really like the magic it brings to their lives.
I have a native gal nagging me to paint her, they walk around in my mind until get them on canvas or paper, as soon as the taxes are finished I will start to work on her, she is calling for a big oil, so I am looking forward to painting her. Check out my website http://www.kaymurphysstudio.com/

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