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Monday, August 15, 2016

Tomorrow Teaching a colored colored pencil workshop

I have spent the morning getting things ready for  a colored pencil workshop at White Pine Bookstore.
I have been teaching several classes each month for over a year now have had the best of students and really learn a lot from them and their questions, makes me think about why I do different things in art my way. I have spent all of my life painting and drawing, teaching myself how different mediums work, how to shade, how colors will blend and what works and why it doesn't work. 
My life has been a fun trip, I am now in my 70's my body knows it but somehow my mind still thinks young.
I am still learning..

Scratch-board colored with my Wacom tablet.

I started Teaching myself about 25 years ago how to print after getting disgusted with the run of printing people the world had to offer, last time I had something printed was by a company that had  high recommendations, horse feathers! I was there to proof and this printer had opposite images over top of each other, hmmm now even I knew this would blow the color in one image if you changed it in the other. Well I fussed all the way home till my hubby said when you get home "I want to order that Epson printer and do you own printing". I'm here to tell you as soon as we got home I was on the computer doing just that.  Well, then I had to learn Photoshop. The best move I ever made.

Watercolor Chickadees, licensed to a greeting card publisher for 13 years. 

I have had ball with my art and made a decent living and hope I still have years to go with my teaching and art. I have my own line of Note-cards which I paint, print,  cut, fold and package my-self. More later stay tuned..Kay Murphy-Wallace 2016

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