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Friday, August 19, 2016

My Newest Christmas Card design and more as my life as an artist

This one of those designs that started out as colored pencils, ended up with Watercolor and ink mixed in.
 Available on my Zazzle store as a Christmas card or from me as note cards.

Let me see, what else I can share with you as my life as a artist,
 I studied to be a commercial artist, found out really quick I did like the pressure put on you by the people you had to work for..I liked being my own boss, painting what I wanted too...especially after doing calligraphy in a bible that was to be presented to someone, I sweated bullets doing that and there was the times I did business cards, Oh My I will forget about that.

My late husband, had a lot of faith in my art, we would go to an art show to look and enjoy, on the way back home home he would always say, "Kay you are better than most with your art you need to get out there and show people what you do." Finally I  decided to try a show we spent bogoos of money on display racks, tables and oh yes and van to haul it all in.  My first show was in Knoxville TN., I did enjoy it, made a little money and got bit by the art show bug. Now this was back when Artists Touring Association was was the big thing doing mall show around the country. So off we went, doing the shows.
Then I juried in with Gilmore Shows and Sugar Loaf, that was the main shows I did to make our living. 
More Coming Later Enjoy.

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