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Monday, February 2, 2009

Febuary 2nd snow

Snow, finally in East Tennessee, Bill and I left about 9: am for Knoxville this morning, it was just sprinkling rain which quickly turn to mush on the window. About the time we hit Knoxville we had snow and the temperature was falling rapidly, since we were heading for the other end of the city, the farther we drove the worst it got, Dang, we need a Best Buy on this end. Pulled into a Cracker Barrel for breakfast by the time we had ate the parking lot was about 3" of the white stuff and huge flakes coming down at fast pace and here we are in our HHR not the big SUV with 4 wheel drive. Murphy's Law strikes again. We hurried to Best Buy Bill got my birthday present New Kodak camera, now the snow was slacking up a little, stopped and filled up with gas (needed some weight) Bill said. He's driving so a fill up is fine. HOME Safe, Thank you. Now I am trying to figured out this new camera, even though my birthday not until the 14th, he is letting me learn how to operate it. Took me 1/2 hour to figure out where the memory card went. So now its charging. I can watch this beautiful snow falling and read instruction book. Look for some snow pix's tomorrow.

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