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Friday, May 27, 2016

Be a unique artist

 Two of my new "Birds In Hats" series, I have went a step further by embossing my note cards after printing them. Sometimes I think I do more labor on them than I can get money for them. Luckily at shows the buying public has not felt that way so extra time and patience has paid off. I use colored pencils to create the design, scan the original, set up the note card, print, cut and fold, then emboss. Makes me tired writing about it.  Grateful for the creative/artist side that makes me go one step more to be able to produce a better and different kind of art. I love it when I can do something unique and different.
I think that's the name of the game is to create your own brand of art in your own way, try unusual styles to see what sticks, get the name for being unique in your art (original) not a copy of someone else.

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