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Monday, July 12, 2010

Great surprize this morning

I always open the blind on the kitchen door first thing in the morning, I saw something black and yellow on the porch, mercy there was 4 kittens and one cat, 3 black ones and one yellow and one grey tabby cat (which was not the momma cat) (must have been the baby sitter). I went back to the bedroom and got hubby out of the bed, he was sure I was kidding him. They look to be about old enough to wean. It was raining hard early part of the morning, I was not sure they could eat solid food, boy was I wrong, they flew into the cat food hubby put out like they were right at home. Finally momma cat and an old tom (feral cat) we have been feeding for a couple years, momma is mostly black with a little yellow and big green eyes. She has been here to eat off and on since Feb. We had not seen her for a month or so...Everyone ate hung around in the garden, which is fenced in area, for a few hours, now off to where feral cats go. Sure hope the kittens keep coming around. I will try to get some pic's of them.


Edie Schmidt said...

OMG! That is sweet. This past winter my mother found a little cat half starving so she started feeding it now it is at home in her house by the name of "Kitty Tom" He just got back from the vet (lost his man bags LOL) content to lay about the house in warm sunlight a happy ending.

BlueRidgeLady said...

Awww! What a sweet little surprise! Looks like the picked a nice family!! I can't imagine my life without my cats...they are so funny and entertaining, and such sweet little friends!!

Kay Murphy's Studio said...

I love all critters with fur or feathers....I hope the kittens come back, they are so much fun to watch and I sure would like to catch one. Of course I may get eaten alive.