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Monday, April 12, 2010

Wheee! Garden ready to plant

Finally after the cold than too damn hot, the garden is ready to plant Bill and I spent the biggest part of the day there. I did the tilling he cleaned up the old grass and raked, now to buy plants. it was a great day only made it to 80. After tomorrow it is supposed to be cooler, good time to plant......Tired back sore and all that good stuff. I did get a card printed for my sister-in-law, her birthday is Sat...

After worring about my Epson 3800 I discovered I had a bad ink cartiage, now to call Epson so I can get the bad one replaced. It kept telling me I did not have a cartiage in light magenta slot, oh well better that then something serious.

I also had a very nice order from my website, thanks Salem Va.

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