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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow cowboys at the fence

Been one of those days, snow flurries all day, nothing sticking but cold and nasty. Off to Knoxville tomorrow, hoping the snow does not lay on the roads tonight. Hubby has a doctor's appointment in the morning, he slipped and busted his butt on our front steps (black ice) did a number on his ankle, it is black and blue.
I have worked on a commission for the last week or more, I tend to take a lot longer on something for a collector, I tried to get everything just right. Not like something you are doing because you really like it...I wish I could look in their mind to see what they wanted.
Oh well in my next life (mind reading artist)...the last 2 illustrations are from my children's book "Cowboy Snowman"

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Patti Gibbons said...

Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog about neighbors. I have never seen such dumbness in my life. Sometimes I wish I were dumb cause then I would not be bothered by all the stupidity in the world! I can't WAIT till they move, though rumor had it that they wanted to buy the house.
If that happens, I will take every last red cent that I have and put up a fence as high as I can along their driveway..which will box them the hell in the way their house is set up. They won't be able to shovel, their car will barely fit in the driveway. (my property I think goes right up to their driveway and I own part of it at the bottom!) I am going to think positive and hope they move before summer! :) patti