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Friday, September 11, 2009

New Scratchboard "Cup Of Cheer"

My "Cup Of Cheer"
My whimsical cardinal in a Bigger Than Life Antique tea-cup and
saucer. The tea-cup was one of my Mom's and in this day and
time we all can use a BIG cup of cheer.
I did the original in scratchboard, then to my computer, scanned
it, using my Wacom Tablet to paint in my colors, needless to say
I did have a stiff neck from the hours I put both at the graphic table
and the computer chair.
 I have printed paper Giclee open edition and canvas Giclee that
is 8 x 8 gallery wrapped with a white feather on each side of the canvas
These will be available at the Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair in October.


Marie Theron said...

Hi Kay, yes it was hard work for you but what an achievement! This pic should really become a card so that the caring message can be spread a thousandfold.

Kay Murphy's Studio said...

Thanks Marie I did a 5 x 7 card on this piece, it looks really. Thanks for all the nice comments.