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Sunday, April 12, 2009

More rain coming

Rain and no storms I hope. Since I spent most of the day in the kitchen, its left-overs tomorrow, maybe I will get some painting done, I have had one on the graphic table, sketched out and ready to start for 2 days now. I have also been working on greeting cards 5 x 7 to sell at my shows and on-line.

This is one of my images I will use on a card, I take a look at my older photos for something to inspire me, luckily I found about 20 photos I will either use for a painting or fiddle around in photoshop till I get what I want.

The garden is doing so well I am almost afraid to say anything for fear a frost will get it, peas, corn,beans, all the cabbage and brussel sprouts are popping up.

The red rocks painting is one I have set aside for a year not really sure what it needs to be finished. It has not talked to me yet.

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