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Friday, October 3, 2008

Gatlinburg Craftsmens Fair

Here we are days away from setting up the show, my bones ache to think about doing it, my left knee is still giving me a fit.

All the crap going on in wall street and they tag this bill with the Orphan's Law which literary takes an artist's copyright and throws it to the wind, leaving us artists running around like a chicken with our heads chopped off, any one can steals our art we created, this takes our jobs as free-lance and art show artists away. BaaHumbug on the people in Washington and shame on them.

One of my greeting cards you can find at greeting card universe/kaymurphysscardstore.com

Any who back to business I will have 7 new christmas cards images with bookmarks, 6 for sure. That is if I can get myself to working on the last card image. Here's hoping you guys come to the Gatlinburg show to shop and forget about this crap for a day and enjoy ourselves.

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